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You're invited to a great vacation of restful relaxation or lots of exercise - no hot stoves, no time-consuming dinner details, no driving around trying to find things to do. We're ready for you, starting in May.

You really want to relax? We have tubes for a lazy float on the Huzzah River. Plenty of lounging chairs around the pool, books to read on the "quiet porch" of your cool cabin, paths to follow through the woods, cards and board games, and comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, each with a refrigerator for your cool, refreshing afternoon drink.

Read what our guests say about us...

"We have a great time every time we come to Eagle Hurst. There's so much to do, but there's also time just to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery."
     -- Bob K.

"We've met some great friends at Eagle Hurst. And, we look forward to coming back each year to meet new people and make new friends."
     -- Teresa R.

"We love the horseback riding and the nature trails. It's so fun to be outside. There's always something to do. We hardly see the kids while we're here because they're always off having fun doing something and meeting new friends."
     -- Rachel L.

"Our family has been coming to Eagle Hurst for many years. We love the people and the food. We also enjoy spending time with our family without having to work the whole time. We can spend more time enjoying our family and leave the work to someone else. It's great."
     -- Jim S.

"We have our family reunion at Eagle Hurst every year. It's a great place to get our whole family together. Our relatives come from all over the country. By coming to Eagle Hurst, we have a great place for everyone to stay and we can all be together the whole time. Since we only meet as a family once a year, we can make the most of this time because the details are handled by the Eagle Hurst staff. All we have to do is get together and have fun."
     -- Carol M.

"I like the horses and the pool and the river."
     -- Katie S.

"I could spend hours on my cabin porch just reading, napping or looking at the beautiful scenery. It's so peaceful and relaxing. It's hard to give all this up when it's time to leave."
     -- Megan H.

"Eagle Hurst is such a great, affordable place to stay. You get a really nice cabin, three meals a day served to you and all the activities you can handle. We've been coming for a number of years because we have the best time at Eagle Hurst. The people are always so friendly and the food is good. We've met some great people there and have stayed friends with many of them over the years."
     -- Kevin K.

"Every year, when we start talking about vacations, my family always asks if we're going back to Eagle Hurst. The kids really have a lot of fun, and my husband and I can send them off to activities without worrying about them. Then, we can go relax in the pool or the river or on our porch. Everyone has a great time."
     -- Elaine H.

"Eagle Hurst is a fun place that's close to home. We can drive there in less than 2 hours and the drive is easy. Everything we need is right there in one place and everyone makes us feel so welcome."
     -- Jenny D.

"We tell everyone we know about Eagle Hurst. It's fun and affordable and we have some great memories of going there. When people hear about Eagle Hurst they want to go right away. We've brought a number of our friends there and they've had as much fun as we have. Now they're telling their family and friends so the secret of our favorite vacation spot is out. We're glad to share our memories and good times with others and it's awesome that they now have their own memories and that they look forward to coming back every year to have fun."
     -- Pat A.

Eagle Hurst Ranch • 240 Eagle Hurst Road • Steelville, Missouri 65565
573-786-2625 • 800-25 RANCH • [email protected] •

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